About NPG

Nordic Premium Group (NPG)


Nordic Premium Group is a new marketing structure that has been created to bring together several brands that will now be sold through one umbrella organisation. The concept being promoted to our customers behind all of these brands will be to focus on the premium product market niche in a pan-Nordic fashion.

We believe that we are the first health food store supplier to act in this way, and we are doing it because we have seen the success that our customers have enjoyed by embracing our premium marketing strategy with Solgar products in all the Nordic countries. We now want to follow up on this to further cement our place as the leading premium brand supplier in the Nordic marketplace.

The Premium market niche

Health food stores face competition today from the mass market like never before. Products on sale in store can be found in pharmacies, webstores and even supermarkets, often to significantly lower prices than their in-store recommended retail price.

One way to combat this problem is to move upmarket, by offering a more customer friendly personalised shopping experience. In order for this strategy to work the store needs to have products to work with that cannot be found in ‘down market’ outlets where no personalised service is offered. This is where premium products come into play, because they can be sold with a higher margin that reflects the extra service being offered to the customer.

NPG offers a diverse range of premium brands not available in the mass market. We have our own distribution network but some of the products are also available from your normal wholesale distributor too. We back up our products with extensive education of your key personnel so that you can truly become your local ‘ naturalhealth expert’.

Check out our current range of Premium brands:

Solgar Fine nutritional supplements

Napiers Herbal skin therapy

Jasön Natural and organic cosmetics

Terranova Botanical based supplements

North American Pharmacal Blood type friendly products

Allicinmax Natural antibiotics

Valkion Energy therapy machines


Please ask your local NPG representative for further information.